One - One Mentorship

Authentic Empowering Journey

Make this year your most transformative and empowering yet 


The format of our comprehensive 1:1 mentoring follows an extensive program that is curated to serve your personal empowerment journey.

Outlined below are the stages we cover over the course of the 11 month mentorship, and in addition, you will receive teaching materials and resources at certain points (through the post and email/online) such as an Audible subscription with particular titles to cover over the course of the empowerment process:


✨#1  Months 1-6

  • Week 1 (of every month) one-one session: duration 90 minutes
  • Weeks 2 & 3, one-one session: 60 minutes
  • Week 4 – no session is scheduled however, there is Pocket Coaching when required, via voice messaging application.

Illusion Awareness 

Areas of exploration include:

Soul Contracts, the collective & your personal Archetypes, universal laws and Astrology

The human energy centres with particular focus on the lower Chakras and personal power management

Survival Archetypes, Karma & the 3 levels of Consciousness

Numerous educational elements & practices relating to the energy anatomy, healing, and stress management, relationship dynamics & MUCH more.


#2 Months 3-8 (progress depending)

  • Month 7 is integrative (self-managed) with Pocket Coaching only when required 


Areas of exploration include:

The human energy centres with particular focus on Chakras 3 & 4

Variety of healing, energetic, aura-cleansing practices and rituals 

The casting of your Fate to Destiny Chart

Trauma, Forgiveness & Truth

Understanding of the power of Archetypes in YOUR life & how to co-create/align with your life's calling

Development of co-creative Kairos (present time) living & intuition elevation practices 

Accountability, personal leadership & self-care enhancement

Psychic influences, behaviour cycles & detachment exploration

Personal power & vibration management

Discovery of various meditation & spiritual practices


✨#3 Months 8 - 11

  • Weeks 1, 2 & 3, one-one session: duration 60 minutes
  • Week 4 – no session scheduled however, there is Pocket Coaching when required, via voice messaging application 

Living Intentionally Empowered

Areas of exploration include:

Holistic focus on your Nutritional & Physical Health. To aid detoxification, energy enhancement, hormone balance & emotional wellness.

The human energy centres with particular focus on Chakra 5 upwards

Synchronicity, Miracles & Prayer

Exploration of your life cycles & development of Conscious Inventory creation

Maintenance of your body's energetic vibration, through various rituals and practices 

Personal leadership advancement

Further spiritual practice exploration, including music, dance & mantras

Vocation, Contribution, Community & Intentional living 


Our daily commitment as we embark upon this Authentic Empowerment Journey is not to DO more, it is to BE WITHIN far more often… to become conscious and take full responsibility for our part in every relationship and decision going-forward, to trust and follow OUR OWN intuitive guidance, congruently, personally empowered.

Are You Ready to Realise ALL you came here to BE, to Do & to Have?

Then let’s take this powerful journey together ✨

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