The Realising YOU! Membership

An Empowering Membership For Seekers Of Personal Transformation & Intentional Living.

The Meeting Place For An Authentic Community Of Women Committed To Living Life With Integrity ✨


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✨ "I have now been a member for almost 4 years in the Realizing YOU! group. It has had a significant impact on my life and a positive effect on the way that I have been able to work on myself. Being in a collective of women, all with the common goal of empowering self-evolution has become now a very important part of my life. I found that within this the Realizing YOU! membership

Ali is a wonderful transformational coach who introduces new subject matter into the group each month, and has guests come in from different paths of life sharing their knowledge. It’s absolutely thrilling to be a part of her growing community!" ✨

Natalie, Paris.

✨ "I am so very grateful for the Realising YOU! Membership. I have attended the monthly calls with Ali since the start and what I really love about the sessions is theyre full of such inspirational information and they make you want to learn more. Ali keeps us all on task as we explore where we want our lives to take us in the near future. Her encouragement and information have allowed me to move closer and closer to my personal goals.  Ali is also very thoughtful and seems to know what everyone needs!

The additional speakers that have joined us have also been eye-opening and inspirational. Whether were talking about natural health, Akashic Records, Hormonal Health, Quantum Touch or Feng Shui there is always something interesting to learn and through this information, I feel were able to learn so much more about ourselves. I would recommend Ali and Realising YOU! Community experience and membership to anyone!" ✨

Cori, Paris